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‘Chew’ on this

Another land use bill offered by Va. Del. Randy Minchew (R-10th) failed Jan. 26 on a 10-12 vote in the House of Delegates Education Committee. The bill by Minchew, a leading lawyer on land use strategies who manages Loudoun County’s … Continue reading

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White guys rule

Senate Bill 733 failed by one vote to survive the chamber’s Education and Health Committee meeting on Jan. 29. Va. Sen. Mamie Locke’s bill would have removed the requirement that a woman undergo a fetal trans-abdominal ultra sound prior to an abortion. Of … Continue reading

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What is wrong with Loudoun County?

In Loudoun County, when law enforcement is summoned to throw a journalist out of an open public meeting at the request of local officials drunk on their own power, even the two town newspapers turn away. But in Cumming, Georgia, everyone knows that if … Continue reading

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Bills that defy logic

Patron: Nick Rush, Republican, Christiansburg House Bill 1483 What it does: Permits localities to set acreage requirements less than the current five-acre requirement for agricultural property to qualify for land use valuation. House Bill 1482: What it does: Creates an … Continue reading

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‘Distasteful’ in Loudoun

Anywhere else, paying speakers to come to a public hearing to endorse a cause is unethical at best or bribery at worst. But in Loudoun County, it was characterized Thursday by one local newspaper as legal, but “distasteful.” With the ethics … Continue reading

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A bill to streamline branding

Proposed House Bill: HB 1599 Voter registration; political party affiliation on registration record. John M. O’Bannon, III Summary as introduced: Elections; voter registration; political party affiliation. Provides that a voter who votes in a primary election held by a political … Continue reading

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