Please don’t elect the sheriff any more!

Justin Hannah won the Democratic primary race for sheriff in Loudoun County on June 11. He’s 28 years old.

For those following the local elections in Loudoun County, here is the bio for Justin Hannah, the Democrat running for the elected position as sheriff of the Virginia county that consistently has the highest household income in the U.S.

At local candidate forums in June Hannah cited his age as 28. This is from an online biography posted by the candidate:

Running for Sheriff is the latest chapter in Justin Hannah’s life of service. At 12 years old, he knew he wanted to join the military. Justin was simply astounded by the selflessness displayed by our men and women in uniform, who put their lives on the line and even paid the ultimate price, so that we could all enjoy freedom. He could not refuse the call to serve.

In 2009, Justin joined the Army National Guard. Over the next few years, he remained in the National Guard while receiving degrees from Valley Forge Military Academy & College and The American University School of Public Affairs. After completing his degrees, Justin managed the training and oversight of Army Reserve Soldiers and reserve officer cadets, while gaining experience and expertise in military intelligence. This was only the beginning of his service and leadership.

In 2015, Justin, at that point a First Lieutenant and in an executive-level leadership role within his unit, was deployed to Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. He helped to successfully deliver real-time intelligence support to special operations forces on the ground and in the air. With his fellow Soldiers’ lives on the line, Justin excelled, receiving the highest rating in his evaluation reports and was immediately recommended for promotion.

Upon returning stateside, Justin was promoted to Captain and was assigned to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and served as an International Affairs Officer for Eastern Europe. In this role, Justin managed a budget of $78 Million, negotiated international Geospatial-Intelligence exchanges, managed government-to-government transactions via foreign military sales, and oversaw various other strategic operations in Eastern Europe. Justin later assumed command of a Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence unit. Justin supervised 110 personnel with the mission of providing rapid response to conflicts across Middle East, Europe and Asia and once again received the highest marks within  his officer’s grade.

Throughout his career, Justin has strived to be the best leader possible for the men and women of his units/teams and has consistently been sought out for his leadership, in both military and civilian life. Additionally, he has been recognized at the highest levels for his ability to transform large and complex organizations.

Justin’s command of a Counterintelligence/HUMINT unit put him face to face with public safety issues like the protection of people and property. During this command, Justin transformed a struggling organization to a premier operation that protects Americans from foreign intelligence services and terrorist organizations that wish to do us harm.

Currently, Justin is in command of a unit with direct ties to policing. He commands a unit that is the only of its kind in the U.S. ARMY. It has the unique role of providing rule of law support in foreign countries where they are stationed. 

When deployed, it is the mission of this mobile law enforcement unit to investigate criminal activity in the host nation and deliver completed investigations to the local courts in order to assist in the enforcement of their laws.

Since being discharged from active duty, Justin has remained in the reserves, worked as a Senior Analyst for BAE systems, a TSA employee, and an investigative analyst for the U.S. Government. He currently lives in Aldie with his partner, Jessica Puentes, and their two children. Justin enjoys running, reading about leadership, movies, and enjoying his family.

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News, information, and commentary for people who live in HOAs in Loudoun County, Virginia.
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