Ashburn Village HOA

Ashburn Village Vote Challenged

From Leesburg Today

Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

By Erika Jacobson Moore

While two new members were elected to the Ashburn Village Board of Directors, along with two incumbents, according to the results of last week’s balloting posted by the association’s management, a recount is underway after a challenge to the results was submitted by some of the candidates.

Challengers Karen Guthrie and Jack Ryan and incumbents Doug Carlson, the current board president, and Richard Nutwell, were announced Friday as the winners of the four seats up for election on the board. However, information received by Guthrie, Ryan and the two other members of their four-person slate, Gene May and incumbent Dave Austin, has called those results into question.

Over the weekend, the slate of challengers was informed by Charlie McKinney, a member of the election committee that all four of them had topped the vote tally of Ashburn Village homeowners who cast ballots. But, according to the e-mail sent by McKinney, when the Class B votes, those belonging to the companies that own Wingler House apartments and undeveloped lots in the community, Carlson and Nutwell moved into the top four candidates, reelecting them to the board.

It is that discrepancy that led to the call for a recount. The challengers have questioned whether the Class B votes should be used in the final tally at all. According to the guidelines for HOA board elections laid out in the community’s documents, Class B voters are the owners of multifamily residential lots, other than the declarant, or developer. Each Class B owner “shall have one vote for each four dwellings located or permitted to be located on each [multifamily residential lot]…” according to the documents.

Class A voters are the owners of residences in Ashburn Village and have one vote per lot. Class C corresponds to the owners of commercial lots, and do not have voting rights.

The recount is being handled by Ashburn Village’s general manager and the HOA’s attorney, but representatives of the HOA have not yet responded to request for comment.

The new HOA board was scheduled to meet for the first time tonight to elect officers, but that meeting has been postponed pending the results of the recount.

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