Belmont HOA

Residents take control at Belmont

From Leesburg Today

(Created: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 11:30 AM EST)

After years of continued growth, another community’s homeowners association officially has been turned over from the developer to the residents to govern themselves. On Nov. 19, the Belmont Community Association announced that Toll Brothers, Inc. has transitioned control of the Belmont Country Club Homeowners Association to the community’s 2,158 homeowners.

During the HOA’s annual meeting, residents gathered to elected four residents to the four open seats, two of which were created on the board by the exit of the developer’s representatives. The new slate of directors is made up of residents Katie Ayres, Jim Costantino, Gary Kyle, Ruthann Rebich, Alan Robbins, Rushi Shah, and Ed Zier.”This milestone is a reassurance to both the homeowners and the marketplace that sales in this wonderful and vibrant community continue during the recession,” Zier, who serves as president of the Board of Directors, said. “Essentially, transition provides for a sense of increased ownership, moving from Toll Brothers to full homeowner control. With the turn over of the HOA to the residents, Belmont is on sound financial footing and is well positioned for the future.”A homeowner-controlled HOA means both a financially secure development and a guaranteed voice in the future of their community, the community association opined.”For current residents, as well as new buyers, to know the association is managed by residents is a plus,” Zier said. “It means they’ll have a greater voice in the day-to-day affairs of the community. Residents won’t have to worry about the HOA’s ability to manage the community because the residents will be leading the HOA.”To help ensure transparency and due diligence throughout the transition process, the community’s Board of Directors has developed a long-range plan for the HOA and communicated that to all residents. Any additional information also will be distributed to all residents to keep them abreast of any changes or initiatives within the community.”The transition can be seen as one of many points of maturity in our Association,” Zier said. “As a community, we have always been deeply committed to our residents but also to the greater Loudoun County community. Hundreds of residents here in Belmont have been actively involved with association committees and give of their time and talents to numerous local charitable organizations. That will always be part of our mission as stewards of a sound community.”

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