Lansdowne on the Potomac HOA

Is online voting secure?

How online votes are transmitted. This is from an email to the HOA board’s election chairman from the community association management in 2009.

From: Bill Boos
Date: November 15, 2009 4:57:39 PM EST
Subject: RE: On Line Voting


We can get Association Voice to answer this question as well. When an online vote is cast, an email copy of the ballot is instantaneously sent to the HOA office here and simultaneously sent to the HOA attorney. A hard copy of each ballot has been printed out here and will be used for the verification and counting on Tuesday. A verification email is also sent to anyone voting so that email can act as a receipt.


William Boos, Community Manager, CMCA
Community Management Corporation
An Associa Member Company
43459 Riverpoint Drive
Lansdowne, Virginia 20176
517-333-1220 Fax
Associa: The Nation’s Leader in Community Association Management

1 Response to Lansdowne on the Potomac HOA

  1. Robbie says:

    Why online voting is fatally flawed: The HOA staff and the HOA attorneys depend on the favor of the HOA board of directors for their continued employment. Inside knowledge of voting trends in the days before the election can be used to affect the final outcome.
    Also, online votes are nothing more than emails. Hard copies are printed off and become “ballots” to be retained in the HOA files. They provide a blueprint for how to influence the outcome of the election the next year. Only the seated members of the HOA board — and HOA staff — have access to those hard copies with names, email addresses, and how the resident voted.
    Online voting is NOT private, can NOT be validated without compromising the content of the ballots, and should NOT be used for HOA elections.
    Proxy ballots should be sealed after the election and not released to anyone for at least three years.
    Walk-in ballots are released when a voter walks in on election night and shows an ID to receive a paper ballot. These are the only ballots that do not disclose the voter’s name and either email or street address as do online and proxy ballots.

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