Old Dominion Valley HOA opposes apartments

The Board of Directors and Homeowners of Old Dominion Valley in Purcellville is opposed to the development of the Catoctin Creek Apartments, a 176-unit complex with seven three-story buildings on 13 acres. We implore our Town Council to deny the application and consider the negative effects this development would have for the entire Town of Purcellville.

Residential Concerns:

• Environmental: Purcellville’s 2025 Comprehensive Plan places a high priority on open space preservation and this parcel of land was designated for public open space preservation and buffer for Catoctin Creek. This area contains the last mature forest area in town and is an opportunity to provide an educational and recreational resource for residents to enjoy whose costs would be considerably less than constructing large parks or recreational facilities. Water quality on the east side of Hatcher Road, upstream where the industrial parks are, is measurably worse and further development will exacerbate this and imperil a resource of distinction and environmental quality.

• Traffic: Hirst Road is a byway for the Town of Purcellville and the Planning Commission has recommended limits on traffic capacity in the area. With limited space for widening the roads, adding projects that would increase the traffic flow through this area needs to be highly selective and scrutinized.

•School Impact: The apartments would add approximately 5 to 10 percent to our town population rapidly, in addition to other residential projects slated for development just outside the town limits. This would put a burden on our schools and it will take years to alleviate this due to the time and money constraints for building additional schools.

•Community Balance: Purcellville currently has the highest ratio of “affordable apartments” per capita in the county. There are three affordable apartment complexes nearby and concentrating an additional complex in this area will create a lack of balance in the town and can be construed as a form of segregation for certain races and income groups. Residential segregation produces negative socioeconomic outcomes for minority groups and Purcellville’s public policy for housing should attempt to promote integration and mitigate these negative effects with better planning and placement of affordable housing.

•Quality of Life: The Comprehensive Plan directly asserts the community’s desire to maintain a small-town atmosphere and this proposed apartment complex is in direct opposition to the Comprehensive Plan as well as the Hirst Road Charrette that was created for the town. The property is zoned CM1, which is medium commercial which already exists within this corridor.

We urge the Town Council to affirm the voice of the residents who moved to Purcellville for what the town is today and not for what developers, who are not residents, wish to make it in the future. If small towns want to keep what sets them apart, they should not try to mimic something else but instead be true to what established them in the beginning and what continues to attract visitors and residents.

Old Dominion Valley HOA, Purcellville

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