General Assembly 2014

House Bill 791, which gives HOAs the power to fine and sue their residents or simply shut off their access to the Internet for covenants violations, was passed by on Friday,  Feb. 21, not passed. The General Assembly reconvenes at noon on Monday, meaning you have about 48 hours to contact your senator and delegate:

and let them know that a vote for this bill is a vote against them the next time they run. Urge them to “pass BY indefinitely” HB 791 until the state of Virginia figures out how to enforce ALL the provisions of the Virginia Property Owners Association Act, including this one:

§ 55-510. Access to association records; association meetings; notice.

2. The actual salary of the six highest compensated employees of the association earning over $75,000 and aggregate salary information of all other employees of the association;

How many Association members know what the HOA is paying its employees and whether or not they are paid at market rate? How many think their HOA management will tell them, if they ask politely? Lansdowne is one that will not. Its president, elected by a quorum of 10%, simply responds that the HOA does not HAVE any employees. Get it? The are employed by the Community Management Association (Associa), not the HOA! LOL, right?

Here is a partial list of HOAs in Loudoun, where they tend to be large, powerful, and wealthy. What is the quorum for electing board members? Lansdowne has 2,155 homes and requires a 10% quorum for election: 216 votes. Tell your delegate that.

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