Loudoun Cable/OVS Commission

Loudoun County’s Cable and Open Video Systems Commission provides government oversight for cable TV and open video system franchises, such as OpenBand. The commission has 9 members, one from each of the county’s eight districts plus one at-large member. The commission meets every two months on the second Wednesday night at 7 p.m. at the Government Center in Leesburg. Lansdowne has two representatives: Karen Guthrie, appointed by Supervisor Lori Waters (R), and Tony Barney, appointed by Sally Kurtz (D).  At its next meeting, Sept. 8, the commission is expected to review OpenBand’s technical audit and make a recommendation about its lapsed franchise to the Board of Supervisors. The Commission’s recommendations are non-binding. Here is a link to the Office of Public Information page at Loudoun County, the agency that houses the Commission staff: http://loudoun.vhost.vipnet.org/pio/index.htm

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  1. loudounhoa says:

    Loudoun County Cable TV & OVS Commission Members
    Tony Barney, Catoctin District, Chairman (represents Lansdowne west of Goose Creek; appointed by Sally Kurtz)
    (h) 703-450-0974

    Karen Guthrie, formerly represented Lansdowne but resigned in 2011.
    (appointed by Lori Waters)

    Mike Larson, Public Schools Representative

    Nicholas Graham, At Large
    (Graham’s tenure overlapped with his job as editor of The Loudoun Times-Mirror, a weekly newspaper distributed in Lansdowne that is partially owned by Bill Dean, CEO of MC Dean and owner of OpenBand)
    He resigned both of those jobs in 2011.

    Erika Cotti, Dulles District

    Dan Moldover, Potomac District

    Oliver Peters, Leesburg District

    Michael Wajsgras, Sugarland Run District

    Charles Douglas, Blue Ridge District,

    Rob Cook, Sterling District

  2. loudounhoa says:

    Directions to Loudoun County Government Center:
    The Loudoun County Government Center is located at 1 Harrison St., S.E. in Leesburg in a triangle that is bounded by Market Street, (Route 7), Loudoun Street, and Church Street. Enter the parking garage from Loudoun Street: it is free for public use though some spaces are designated for carpools and staff.
    From the East, via Route 7:
    If you come from Lansdowne on Route 7, go to the fork at Mom’s Apple Pie and bear left onto Loudoun Street. Continue for a block and a half and enter the garage from Loudoun Street.

  3. loudounhoa says:

    The Loudoun Cable/OVS Commission is a ten-member citizen advisory body appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The Commission provides recommendations on issues concerning cable television franchises and helps solve cable-related consumer complaints for the county. Residents who would like to comment but are not able to attend the public input session may submit comments in writing to Lorie Flading, 1 Harrison Street, SE, P.O. Box 7000, MS #03, Leesburg, VA 20177-7000.
    Contact: Lorie Flading, 703-737-8771

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