Lansdowne/OB agreement

OpenBand’s agreement with Lansdowne HOA was signed on July 24, 2001, by Lansdowne Developer Hobie Mitchel and MC Dean CEO, OpenBand owner, Loudoun Times-Mirror investor, and Republican fundraiser, Bill Dean.

Lansdowne residents can read this document at the Lansdowne on the Potomac web site: See Resident Services, Resource Center, OpenBand Documents, OpenBand Agreement. It stipulates that the contract will run for 25 years with four 10-year options (OpenBand’s) not to exceed a total of 75 years. We are now in Year Nine of the first 65 years of the contract, with another 10 years upon mutual agreement between the parties.

(Note: Lansdowne HOA’s management agent mailed out a budget in November 2009 which states the 75 years of the OpenBand contract is divided into three 25-year components: this is not what the contract states.)

Paragraph 2.1.2 stipulates that Mr. Mitchel’s company owns the easements that bring fiberoptic cable to Lansdowne and other communities such as Leisure World, the Lansdowne Town Center businesses and residents, and Broadlands/Southern Walk.

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