Individual Notice of Breach:

As a resident of Lansdowne on the Potomac/Southern Walk/Leisure World I am subject to terms of a contract that mandates my subscription to OpenBand for video services. My signature denotes that I deem OpenBand in breach of its Services Agreement because:

The Franchise Agreement between OpenBand and Loudoun County is expired, and OpenBand risks not only being fined but unable to renew its license to provide open video services to Lansdowne on the Potomac, Leisure World, Southern Walk, and other customers; and

I am dissatisfied with the quality of the Open Video Services provided by OpenBand; and

I am dissatisfied with the pricing of OpenBand’s platform services – telephone, Internet and OVS – as not comparable and of poorer quality than similar services offered by comparable service providers.

I do not believe that these breaches are curable within 45 days as provided in the Services Agreement. Therefore, I believe these issues will be subject to further dispute resolution.


(Name)                                                                                    (Date)








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