What to do

  1. Email members of Loudoun’s Board of Supervisors , bos@loudoun.gov, and ask them not to renew OpenBand’s franchise. Ultimately the Loudoun Board of Supervisors will decide whether OpenBand deserves to be reappointed as the county’s franchisee for open video services to Lansdowne, Leisure World, Lansdowne Town Center, Broadlands, and other consumers.
  2. After consulting with two attorneys whose fees were paid by residents, the Lansdowne HOA board on Oct. 12 asked the Board of Supervisors to renew Open Band’s contract. Residents were not surveyed. Write these three HOA board members and express your deep disappointment. Their actions suggest they are serving the interests of OpenBand rather than the residents of Lansdowne.
  3. Communicate with all five members of the HOA board and ASK THEM what they will do about Lansdowne’s 65-year OpenBand contract binding every resident to a platform of services they may or may not want or need. Two newly-elected board members, Nancy Abramson and Robin Crabtree, have been vigorously seeking avenues to challenge OpenBand’s stance and renegotiate a new contract before their franchise can be renewed as is. Robin and Nancy have announced plans to form a task force in December to pursue options. The three other HOA Board members are holding their thoughts to themselves. Ask them what they intend to do about OpenBand.

1 Response to What to do

  1. loudounhoa says:

    The political composition of the Loudoun Board of Supervisors is
    Democrat, 5; Republican, 3, and Independent, 1.
    Lansdowne is represented by one Republican (Waters) and one Democrat (Kurtz). Leisure World is represented by Waters. Southern Walk is represented by Miller.

    Loudoun County web site:

    Address and phone numbers for the Loudoun Board of Supervisors:
    P.O. Box 7000
    Mailstop #01
    Leesburg, Virginia
    Office Phone:

    Individual email addresses:

    Scott York, Chairman
    Political party: Republican

    Sally Kurtz, Democrat, represents Catoctin District that includes Lansdowne west of Goose Creek:

    Lori Waters, Republican, Broad Run District that includes Lansdowne and Leisure World east of Goose Creek. In 2007, Waters accepted campaign contributions from MC Dean, the owner of OpenBand.

    Stephens Miller, Democrat, represents Dulles District that includes Broadlands and Southern Walk, which is served by OpenBand.

    Vice Chairman:
    Susan Klimek Buckley
    Democrat, Sugarland Run District

    Jim Burton
    Independent, Blue Ridge District

    Kelly Burk, Democrat, Leesburg District

    Andrea McGimsey, Democrat, Potomac District

    Eugene Delgaudio, Republican, Sterling District

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