Edward Maurer: Direct Examination Nov. 30, 2011






Excerpt of testimony from the hearing in the above-entitled matter, taken on Wednesday, November 30, 2011, at 11:20 a.m. before Judge Julia Taylor Cannon, held at the Loudoun County General District Court, Courtroom 2-F at 18 East Market Street, 4th Floor, Leesburg, Virginia 20176.

Q     What, if anything, happened during these presentations?

 A    During Mr. Mahan’s discussion, I was — you have to understand, this is a 50-million-dollar hearing, so I was focused specifically on what they were going to say. In the middle of this, I heard a click. And then I heard Ms. Bradford get up and take a photograph, which happened to be a flash picture. 

Q    Okay. Now, you say she got up.

A    She was sitting just inside the door on the area where the public sits. 

Q   Okay. And the door we’re talking about is the one that the public enters into the room —

A   Enters the room.

Q   — not the HR door?

A   Correct.

Q   Now, you say she was standing. Where was she standing?

A     Well, what she did was she got up out of her chair, basically walked between Leland Mahan and myself and took a picture.

Q   And could you see in what direction the camera was facing?

A   The camera was facing the chairman and the vice-chair.

Q   Now, directing your attention at Exhibit 13. I just want you to look at the picture.

A   (Perusing) Yes, that’s the photograph. That’s a photograph of the chairman, Mr. Littner, and the vice-chairman (sic), Ms. Ferreria.

Q   Let me direct your attention to Exhibit 10, which maybe is not as clear.

A   (Perusing.)

Q   Now,  you said you think that reflects the angle at which that picture that you observed was taken.

A   Yes.

Q     And are you certain that she was standing when she took the picture?

 A     I know her presence interrupted my line of sight looking at Mr. Mahan. Whether she was squatting, standing, I can’t give an exact to — say so.

Q     Are you saying she left her chair, though?

A     She left her chair, correct.

Q     Now, after she took this flash photograph, what, if anything, happened?

A     Then she sat down, and procedurally I think the — that part of the hearing was over and the public part of the hearing was over. And that’s all I remember exactly.

But I do remember that the administrative assistant had left the room, as did I. I do recall that. And then Mr. Littner got up and walked across the room and informed Ms. Bradford that we have established procedures and that she had interrupted the hearing.

Q     Okay. Were you able to hear anything she said?

A     I recall her looking at him while she was sitting down, waving her finger at him and basically saying in sum and substance, you worry about what you’re doing and I’ll worry about what I’m doing.

Q  Now, when Mr. Littner walked over to her, did he walk over in any menacing fashion or —

A   I don’t see how he can be menacing from here to where you’re standing, Counsel.

Q   So your answer is no?

A   No. 

Q  What about — what was the level of his voice? I mean, how far away were you? Were you able to hear what he said?

A   I would say basically the distance between where I’m sitting right now and where you’re standing. 

Q   Was he shouting? Did he raise his voice?

A   Not that I’m aware of.

Q   Did he get into her private space, to be so close to her — how was he standing, if you recall?

A   He basically walked over and said to her ma’am we have a procedure here.

Q  All right. Now, what happened after that?

A   After that, somehow or another I recall a deputy sheriff appeared. I was out in the hall and he had asked what the nature of the business was. And I believe it was — Mr. Littner had said that we had this situation where there was a disturbance and we had certain rules and procedures. And he said well, what are they. And at that stage. the adinistrative assistant was asked to produce a copy of the — same rulings and regulations that are published on the web.

[End of excerpted proceedings]

Source: M.A. R. Reporting Group, LLC



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