NCC appraisal boosted by $6.5 million

On March 18, 2011, an appraisal done for Loudoun Public Schools pegged the value of 41.5 acres at the National Conference Center at $19,100,000. This is for purposes of purchase.

In March 2011, when Loudoun County was considering buying part of the National Conference Center’s 112-acre parcel as the site of a new high school, an appraiser set the value of 41.5 of the unbuilt acreage at $19,100,000. He included $6.5 million in “damages” for existing surface parking lots.

Three months later, with this appraisal in possession of the Schools and publicly available, the National Conference Center went before the Loudoun Board of Equalization to seek a reduction in its tax assessment. Under Chairman Edward Maurer, the BOE placed the value of the National Conference Center’s entire 112-acre parcel of land at $22,456,000. The BOE reduced the $49,871,900 value of the entire parcel, including buildings, surface parking, and 112 acres of land, by almost $6 million, to $44,000,000.

That reversed the action taken by the appraiser three months earlier which boosted the appraisal to include the cost of constructing a parking deck.



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