The Outer Beltway

Ed Gorski

From Ashburn Patch

9:40 am on Thursday, April 12, 2012

This past May, without any technical justification, without public input and without a recommendation from VDOT, the Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved a potential north-south highway between Leesburg and I-95 as a Corridor of Statewide Significance. This action brings back a long-cherished dream road for developers – a vast Outer Beltway around Northern Virginia that has been shot down time and time again, when subject to community input and expert review.

This designation places the sprawl-inducing Outer Beltway above real transportation solutions that would relieve traffic problems in Northern Virginia if constructed.

While there are transportation projects worth spending these funds on, the Outer Beltway is decidedly not one of them. This counterproductive road would suck money away from transportation priorities like Metro line expansions, roadway solutions to east-west traffic on I-66, and high-speed rail along the I-95 corridor. In Northern Virginia, east-west traffic is as much as eight times heavier than north-south traffic. So, building a new north-south highway won’t fix the region’s traffic problems.

Ed Gorski

Loudoun County Land Use Officer

Piedmont Environmental Council

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